Sean Waldie
Movement Specialist
My overall philosophy is Incremental Change creates monumental results. • That outlook when applied to the body in combination with many years as a therapeutic exercise trainer has lead me to the understanding that when your body is in alignment there is proper distribution of weight and tension which significantly reduces pain, increases the flexibility of the body and range of movements available.

Being the spark that ignites clients to take ownership of there physical well being. My own time has me enjoying perfecting my understanding of the complexity of the body to make recovery and rehabilitation training practical and effective so it translates into an improvement in quality life that is recognizable and becomes reproducible by my clients so that they attain control over the look, feel and state of their body.

Sean Waldie
Movement Specialist

  • I entered into therapeutic exercise from a client side after being temporarily paralyzed in my early twenties. That multi level spinal injury was brought about by a simple sneeze... A fascinating and eye opening experience that showcased the truth that a lot of injuries over the course of ones life can bring about a significant reduction in ones quality of life from a simple event.
  • My personal experience lead me to become certified in E.L.D.O.A. and Pilates mat and equipment. I continue to increase my knowledge base and now I am also a Osteopathy Student.
  • For more information about my services email me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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