About Us
and what we can do for you
Our Philosophy - Training system
Fusion is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of our clients through helping them create a balanced lifestyle. This involves our six step approach in which the client learns how to breathe - hydrate - nourish - move - rest and manage stress. These are the building blocks of good health.

At Fusion, we are committed to teaching our clients how to help themselves by giving them the tools to be their own therapists and exercise coaches. We understand that as we age compression affects how we move and how much pain we feel. With the ABC method (alignment,breathing, and control) clients learn what safe exercise should feel like.

As the owner of Fusion Personal Health Studio I take pride in knowing you can reclaim your body and health back with our intelligent exercise coaching methods. Our guidance will empower you to be your own trainer and therapist, and to live a pain free life enjoying the activities you love to do.

Micheal Okumura
Therapeautic Exercise Health coach

Our story - Who we are
Our founder, Micheal Okumura, envisioned establishing a health and wellness studio that would provide the highest level of personalized services available. Fusion Personal Health Studios is a unique facility, made up of independent practitioners passionate about empowering clients to reach optimal health. Micheal has spent years carefully recruiting people who are committed to learning and teaching those skills to their clients.
The Fusion Experience
The studio is split in two, with training on one side and soft tissue therapy on the other. We also have a small classroom where we offer ELDOA, conditioning, and yoga classes. The studio is also available for seminar and workshop rental on the weekends. Our studio is fully equiped with washrooms, change rooms, showers, towels, and organic products for your use.

You've taken the first step by reaching out to us. It’s our job to convince you that you made the right choice in selecting us. It could be a conversation on the phone or email, which is part of our information gathering. We can then make a careful choice about what your needs are and who would be best suited to meet them.

When you arrive at the studio your practitioner will be there to greet you. Your first visit will be a detailed assessment to figure out the best plan for you and your body. Fusion prides itself on providing a safe environment for its health professionals, clients, and guests.

For any new client, going to a gym can be an intimidating experience. Many of our clients have expressed that our studio has a great vibe, that vibe comes from the Fusion community who have one goal in common: to be the best you can be.

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