Improve performance - Prevent Injuries - Reduce Pain


It’s a new way to train using your anatomy and biomechanics to become more aware of how you move your body during exercise or activities of daily living.
The goal of the classes is to create joint space, unwind your soft tissues, and realign your spine so you have better function and less pain.
Each class has elements of Fascial stretching, Segmental muscle strengthening, and Joint proprioception work. Combining the three components using non-impact methods allows you to exercise while protecting your joints and connective tissues.

Class time 60 minutes - ONLINE VIA ZOOM
Cost $22.60 HST INCL
Max number of people per class 8


 ELDOA is a revolutionary stretching and strengthening technique for the spine and joints of the body. The ELDOAs, developed by French Osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer, target every level of your spine to decompress and normalize the tension around each vertebrae.

The goal of the class is to create space for all of the disks between the vertebrae, realign the spine and normalize the tissues that hold the structure of your spine.
“An aligned spine is a healthy spine”


Class time 60 minutes - ONLINE VIA ZOOM

Cost $22.60 HST included

Max number of people per class 8