Gregg Parris
Personal Trainer & Certified Kinesiologist
GPS Fitness and Coaching Founder and President Gregg Parris has been a Certified Personal Trainer and Strength Coach for over 10 years. Gregg holds both a Specialised Honours Kinesiology Degree, and a Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counseling from York University in Toronto.

Gregg has also participated in the Medical and Fitness testing for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the NHL Draft, and the Toronto Firefighting Services. Gregg has earned the internationally recognized designations of Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (current), Certified Kinesiologist, and Certified Exercise Physiologist throughout his career.Gregg believes that continuing his education and learning new state-of-the-art techniques enhances his ability to properly motivate, educate and provide only the best service to the people he has the pleasure of coaching. Coach Parris has a diverse background in corrective exercises, injury rehabilitation, martial arts, kettlebell training and coaching runners as well as triathletes.
Highlights of Gregg’s career include appearances in Oxygen Magazine, Global National News and was featured as a Celebrity Trainer on Entertainment Tonight Canada. But instead he is more proud of the results he has achieved with his clients, as well as the work he does throughout the community including motivational speaking at local high schools, lunch and learns in the business of the downtown core, working with underprivileged and at-risk youth, and helping one individual lose up to 140 lbs in one year.

As your personalized strength coach, I will assist and motivate you to achieving your goals, reduce stress and prevent you from falling out of your program.

Gregg Parris
Personal Trainer & Strenght Coach

Gregg realized that the commercial fitness industry can be a revolving door of people entering gyms and leaving very much unchanged. That is when his vision for GPS Fitness and Coaching Inc. was created to provide an outstanding level of service to the community by going above and beyond to coach his clientele to truly make a greater impact in their lives.
From a young age, Gregg has had a passion for athletics and knowledge of the functioning of the human body. Coach Parris has great enthusiasm and a passion for fitness, nutrition and health. He loves to see his clients succeed, and monitor the improvement in their fitness level as he helps them to achieve their goals. When you train with Gregg the emphasis on core conditioning, functional strength, posture, muscular balance, and flexibility will help improve neuromuscular coordination and leave you feeling like you have played a sport over the past hour. Gregg believes that consistent training, nutrient timing, and exercise variety make achieving any type of fitness or health related goal easier, and that having fun is a big part of having success in changing your lifestyle for the better. Gregg will motivate, encourage, and be your personal coach to improving your quality of life.
That task inspired Gregg to develop the S.T.A.R.T system to keep clients out of physical pain, reduce stress, and to prevent them from falling out of their programs. All Personal Training sessions and programs of GPS Fitness follow this special protocol. It encompasses goal setting, nutrition, corrective exercises, stretching and relaxation techniques. When you experience the S.T.A.R.T System you will leave the gym feeling energized and then refreshed from soothing stretch therapy and muscle relaxation techniques.
For more infomation about Gregg's services email him at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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