Turbo Boost Your Performance with Deeper Sleep

Research studies dating back to the 1960s have shown that when the body is exposed to night-long sessions of very weak-pulsed DC electromagnetic fields within a very tight range of frequencies at or below 10Hz that have been shown to promote deep sleep.

So What is Deep Sleep in the First Place and Why is it so Important

The deepest and most restorative part of the sleep cycle is referred to as Delta Rhythm which can be distinguished from rapid eye movements (REM) sleep. Delta Rhythm also known as stage 4 sleep is characterized by the state at which point the organs (heart, brain, etc) slow down to such an extent that there is an abundance of ATP that is pooled inside the cells. This pooled energy upon reaching a threshold triggers physiological and neurological repair, hormone synthesis, immune function and memory consolidation. If we don’t spend enough time in delta wave sleep, our body will start breaking down and prematurely start aging on us.

Why Are People Not Able to Sleep Anymore

The most common explanation is stress. However there is another plausible cause and it has to do with the propagating RF microwave pollution and the denser the field (either closer to a cell mast or in the midst of more and more cell masts) the worse your sleep and overall well being.

The Relationship Between the Earth’s Geomagnetic Field and Sleep, Maintenance and Repair Mechanisms

The German scientist Schumann discovered in 1952 that there is a resonant cavity between the earth’s surface and the ionosphere containing a frequency modulated electromagnetic field in the spectrum from below 1 Hz to more than 100 Hz. The Russian Space Agency discovered that Schumann wave generators in space craft (formerly void of fluctuating magnetic fields) improved general health and well being of their cosmonauts on extended space voyages. NASA decided to include them in the development of the International Space Station to counteract the negative effects of zero gravity on the body such as muscle wasting and osteoporosis.

The frequency or band of healthy frequency which we can refer to as the Schumann resonance is a spectrum of frequencies with the majority of its amplitude below 15Hz and with peaks around 1 Hz, 2.5 Hz, 7.8 Hz, 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz and higher. These spectrum of frequencies are a strong signal to “entrain” to during the night time to help us to achieve Delta rhythm sleep.

Research from the past 50 years has shown conclusively that a 10Hz field produced the most exceptional healing and tissue regenerating effects. NASA has discovered that a 10Hz field for 17-21 days turned gene sequences for maturation off while turning on those for development. Additionally, there was a four fold increase in the rate of neural tissue regeneration. Tong (2007) found that 10 Hz tripled nerve synapse energy and doubled mitochondrial density at nerve synapses within minutes. Hood (1989) found that more than 30 days on average 10 hours per day of 10 Hz stimulation increased two critical enzymes of cell respiration, citrate synthase and cytochrome c oxidase by three fold which is consistent with improved oxygen metabolism. PEMF devices are now being used world wide as a sports performance ergogenic enhancement device.

The next question you probably have is how can I find the 10Hz application found to enhance cellular functioning in the body to improve on field performance.

Welcome to the Earth Pulse

The Earth Pulse is a pulsed electromagnetic therapy device that promotes sleep with a very weak, near earth-amplitude signal typically generated from under the person’s mattress during the night time when they are sleeping.

Earth Pulse on Command produces a spectrum of genomagnetic vitamins from the production of the very low Delta and very low Beta wave frequencies wit special attention paid to the mitochondrial 10 Hz frequency requirements.

What Can You Expect

  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Better focus and executive performance
  • Enhanced day time energy
  • Better aerobic capacity
  • Vastly improved recovery
  • More flexibility
  • 10-15% increase in muscular strength within 14 days
  • 20-30% increase in stamina within just 14 days