Top 10 fat loss tips to help you get a beach body physique for this summer

Tip 1 – Lift Weights to Build Muscle and Stimulate Anabolism – doing this alone will burn fat. Strength training alone has been shown to elevate growth hormone levels which is a lipolytic hormone meaning it increases fat breakdown and the metabolism of glucose and amino acids. Growth hormone also increases protein synthesis which is critical in preserving lean muscle mass during dieting.

Testosterone the man’s hormone is definitely the number one anabolic hormone. By simply increasing your rest intervals longer than 60 seconds and lifting heavier weight loads you will elevated your own endogenous level of testosterone.

Tip 2 – Do High Intensity Anaerobic Training to Burn Fat and Avoid Continuous Low-Intensity Aerobic Training – Research continues to show that HIT is much more effective in burning fat than aerobic training. HIT works on the same principle as strength training when it comes to accelerating fat burning, it triggers an increase in protein synthesis which results in an increase in muscle mass however not to the same degree as strength training.

Tip 3 – Do Not Eliminate Fat From Your Diet – to lose fat you have to eat fat. Of course removing bad trans fats from the diet is essential to health however you need the high amounts of the healthy fats (omega 3 fatty acids). Our bodies are composed of cells which each are comprised of cell membranes which are composed of lipids. By eating the wrong fats you make yourself less insulin sensitive basically resistant which will produce fat gains and put you at risk of developing diabetes. Eat the right fats and make yourself more sensitive to insulin which is critical to good metabolism and energy production.

Tip 4 – Consume a Balanced Intake of the Right Fats – In the ideal world you need to consume a nearly equal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6. Omega 3 fatty acids come from fish oil (DHA, EPA, and ALA) but they can also be found in grass fed beef and wild meats.

Charles Poliquin recommends consuming fish oil in the dose range of 1 to 1.5g of omega-3 per percent of body fat. Whatever the coach says is fine with me.

Tip 5 – Lower Your Cortisol Level – If you want to get a fat belly just stress yourself out. To lose fat it is essential that you lower your cortisol levels.

Tip 6 – Treat Your Gastrointestinal Tract Like a Lamborghini – if your gut is in a bad place “unhealthy” this will effect your neurotransmitter production as the more than half of the neurotransmitters in the body are produced in the gastrointestinal lining. If your gut is not healthy, it will negatively affect your neurotransmitter production leading to poorer cognitive function, depression and low motivation. A poor mind will lead to a less motivated person to exercise and engage in proper dietary habits.

Hence take a pre and probiotic, glutamine, zinc, essential fatty acids, betainehcl to support gut health.

Tip 7 – Detoxify, Detoxify, Detoxify – detoxification is critical to weight loss because of so many pollutants and endocrine altering molecules in our environment. Two simple steps to detoxify your body involve drinking lots of water daily and eating adequate amounts of fiber. There are dietary supplements that can help eliminate heavy metals and toxins that cause oxidative stress and alter hormones.

Tip 8 – Get Your Hormones Checked and Supplemented if Low – If you are having a hard time losing weight and following all the tips in this article, have your doctor check your TSH, T3, T4, Total and Free Testosterone, ACTH, cortisol (4 points). Low hormone levels can impair fat loss and energy levels required to exercise sufficiently.

Tip 9 – Get a Glucose Tolerance Test – this test is used to determine how much your body uses glucose for energy. If you have an impaired glucose tolerance, your doctor should consider prescribing metformin and/or an insulin sensitizer which will help control your insulin and blood glucose levels.

Tip 10 – Supplement Your Diet – beware of weight loss supplements, most of them are stacked with caffeine and stimulants that can raise heart rate and blood pressure. Instead, take L-carnitine and fish oils.