Ryan Burkholder

ryan-burkholder.jpgRyan’s comes from a strong athletic background. He earned his degree in the U.S. as captain of the NCAA Division I hockey program at the University of Alabama Huntsville. After school it was off to Europe where he won a National Championship in the Netherlands, and finished his career representing the China Dragon in the Asia Hockey League.

Since stepping away from Hockey Ryan has gravitated to functional training. He was a member of the fitness team for the development of Evolve- a comprehensive functional fitness app, where Ryan collaborated with Micheal Okumura, the founder of Fusion Health Studios. After production as an Evolve athlete, Ryan continued his studies in a mentorship program with Okumura at Fusion Health Studios.

Now as a strength, health, and lifestyle coach, based out of Fusion, Ryan continues to pursue how to live a full life and maximize the great gift of our bodies. With a strong background in athletics already, Ryan continues with focus on postural correction, structural alignment, functional fitness, and holistic health, drawing from Okumura and his emphasis on the primal movements.