Micheal Okumura

michael-okimura-l.jpgMicheal Okumura is one of Canada’s leading personal trainer and strength and conditioning coaches.  Michael has been deeply entrenched in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and has accumulated several decades of experience in helping clients reach beyond their self-imposed limitations and achieve their best shape of their life.  In his quest to help his clients he has opened up his own training studio – Fusion Health Studio so he can provide a more global approach to helping his clients.  Micheal typically uses exercise training and sound nutritional planning; additionally he has hired other healthcare professionals to help with rehabilitation, functional medicine, and anti-aging therapy for those clients looking for the cutting edge services available. 

Micheal is not content with just satisfactory results but is continuously building on his curriculum vitae by enrolling in some of the top certifications courses in physiology, nutrition, biomechanics, etc. to help him remain ahead of the pack. To date, Micheal has amassed the following internships and certifications:


 Micheal's certifications include:

  • Chek Institute Internship – Golf biomechanics, Level 1, NLC 1 and 2.
  • Poliquin PICP Level 1, PIMST Level 1
  • Posturology Level 1 – Dr.Bricot
  • Myofascial Stretching, ELDOA – Dr. Guy Voyer
  • Myofascial Stretching - Diane Woodruf
  • Muscle Testing for Strength Training (Lower and Upper Body) – Dr. Ken Kinakin
  • Olympic Lifting - Pierre Roy
  • Mat  Jumpstart 
  • FAT Tool – Fascial Abrasion Tool – Dr Mark Scappaticci
  • Performance Taping – Dr Mark Scappaticci
  • Posture and Performance- Paul Gagne   
  • Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy -Level 1 based on the work of Travell and Simons trigger point manuals