Marcio Silva

marcio-silva-l.jpgBorn and raised in Sao Paulo Brazil, Marcio Silva was a little fat boy who was more interested in reading and watching cartoons than participating in sports.

At the age of 12 he decided that it was time to apply some of his book knowledge to his life, and began to practice the Greek motto he had read:  mens sana in corpore sano – “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

With not much natural athleticism, a little pot belly and a lot of determination he started exercising, running and playing volleyball. That sport became his focus for the next few years, and he played in various local leagues and ended up working as an assistant coach for his volleyball club.  Volleyball has remained a passion of Marcio’s to this day.

When he was 19 he received a full scholarship to study graphic design, graduated in the top five of his class and began a career in the field of Graphic Arts.

Marcio followed up on his long-term interest in martial arts and started learning Thai Boxing in his early twenties. That interest turned into 3 years of hard work, a few bruises and 2 competitive matches that he won, thereby finishing his apprenticeship.

In 1998 he had the opportunity to move to Canada and he grabbed it. While there were many challenges faced in making such a major re-location, including learning English (“I thought I could speak it before I came - boy, was I wrong!”) and adjusting to Canadian winters, the opportunities available to him made it all worthwhile.  It was here that he got the chance to start a new career.

What had been a personal passion for many years - physical fitness - now presented itself as a career full of potential in the wellness field.  Once again, Marcio chose to follow his heart, and the results went beyond his expectations.  

With diligent training and many hours of study and practical application, Marcio has become a highly-qualified coach.  And for him, the learning never stops.  Over the past 10 years, Marcio has had the opportunity to make a positive impact on hundreds of people, sharing his knowledge of and passion for health and wellness as the way to a happier, healthier life.

Personal trainer: ACE, CPTN
Intructor: Spinning (Madd Dogg Athletics and Schwim), Pilates Mat and Reformer (Movement for health).
CHEK: Exercise coach and HLC1
Poliquin: Biosignature Modulation

Working full time as a fitness professional since 2001.