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charlene-carroll-l.jpgCharlene Carroll Personal Training & Wellness

Providing an intense level of personal one-on-one training, Charlene customizes her programming to the abilities and goals of each client for real results. Charlene is a sought-after expert in exercise technique, and is often referred by medical and elite industry professionals for her expertise.  With extensive certifications in fitness, nutrition and rehabilitation, Charlene is committed to ensuring the best results for her clientele.  

Proper technique and variety allow busy people to get maximum results, break through plateaus, and minimize pain for ultimate gain. Although Charlene’s training qualifies her to work with all fitness levels, she specializes in professional athlete training, pre and post natal, golf specific training, and active aging.  Clients include professional athletes, lawyers, teens, and moms.  



Services Provided:

  • Athletic Training:  avoid injury, break plateaus, and utilize “the core” to maintain muscle balance, strength and stability.
  • Golf Specific Training:  correct motor patterns that inhibit performance and may cause injury, learn rotational exercises, and strengthen “golf specific muscles” to hit the ball farther and last longer on the greens.
  • Pre and Post Natal: maintain a healthy weight, prevent postural deviations, strengthen abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, and develop birthing preparations.
  • Active Aging: achieve optimal health, strength and agility with reduced pain to experience an increased quality of life through safe and progressive exercise. 

Charlene also offers corporate wellness presentations.  As an award-winning public speaker, Charlene delivers her workshops and training with motivation, enthusiasm, and a zany sense of humour!

Charlene’s passion is helping her clients discover their body’s true potential.  Call today for a complimentary consultation to discover how far your body can take you. For more info please visit

*Can-Fit-Pro: Personal Trainer Specialist
*Can-Fit-Pro: Pre & Post Natal Specialist
*Darby Training Systems: Fascia Stretch Therapy Essentials
*Kettelbell Training Academy: Kettlebell Specialist
*CHEK: Golf BioMechanics**
*Darby Training Systems: Functional Assessment & Exercise
*Darby Training Systems: Program Design
*Dr. Astrid Trim: Graduated Exercise Assessment
*Bryan Marshall: Advanced Strength Training
*Power Plate & TRX Suspension Certifications
*Precision Nutrition: Essentials of Sport and Exercise Nutrition**
**course in progress

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