Austin Norris


My passion for improving the quality of people’s lives with movement therapy and lifestyle coaching manifested from my personal journey struggling with a series of debilitating sports injuries and a substance abuse problem as a teenager. By the age of 18, I was suffering with chronic pain in most areas of my body, debilitating posture, and depression due to my lifestyle choices.

Realizing that I had to take responsibility for my state of affairs, I started studying kinesiology, nutrition, and lifestyle management to steer my life in a healthier and happier direction.

During the early phases of my education and career, I noticed the heavy focus on aesthetics over functional performance and wellness. I witnessed trainers and their clients alike injure themselves in pursuit of a great physique because they did not invest time and energy into treating their injuries, correcting muscular imbalances, and refining the quality of their movement.

I saw an opportunity to take my career in a direction that could help people restore function to their bodies so they could both look and feel great.
As I started taking on clients with postural syndromes, disabilities, and chronic pain, I realized the need for a holistic approach to rehabilitation, lifestyle change, and physical conditioning. This took my studies in the areas of manual therapy, yoga, and corrective exercise. The result is Primal Motion, my practice that integrates physical conditioning, manual therapy, corrective exercise, and yoga to restore physical function, build an athletic physique, and master movement as nature intended. You can learn more about my Primal Motion training philosophy on the About page.

Outside of weight lifting and yoga, I challenge myself athletically with bouldering (rock climbing) and parkour. I enjoy these sports because they challenge me to overcome my body’s own limitations and how efficiently I can navigate through my environment. They provide me with a sense of freedom from the physical restrictions that once made me feel trapped in my own body. I also express myself creatively with circus flow arts in the form of fire spinning (dancing with re). To celebrate my accomplishments and represent the results of my practice, I also have a part time career in physique modelling.

George Brown College:
Advanced College Diploma in Fitness & Lifestyle Management – June 2010
– Graduated on Dean’s list with academic achievement awards in: Kinesiology, Muscle
Physiology, Exercise Physiology, & Client Centered Exercise Prescription
– Research Assistant for John Grifn (GBC Professor & Author of Client Centered Exercise
Prescription) for his Functional Mobility Screening in Adults 50-70 Years of Age project.

The Yoga Sanctuary Education: (
Arm & Hand Balancing with Karen Cove (10 Hours) – December 2013
Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training with Cynthia Funk (15 Hours) – November
Experiential Anatomy with Sue Ravazzolo (20 Hours) – September 2013
250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training – May 2013

CHEK Institute Education: (
CHEK Practitioner: Level 1 – In Progress
Advanced Program Design – 2013
Equal But Not The Same: Considerations For Training Females – 2013
Scientific Shoulder Training – 2011-2012
CHEK Exercise Coach – March 2012
Scientific Back Training – 2011-2012
Scientific Core Training – 2011-2012
Program Design – 2011-2012
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach – October 2011

Manual Therapy:
NeuroKinetic Therapy: Level 1 & 2 – October 2014 & February 2015 (
Function Integrated Therapy Institute: Fascial Abrasion Technique – April 2011
Function Integrated Therapy Institute: Certified Performance Taper – Oct 2010
Eldon Z. Wingay: Neuro Flex Balancing – 2011-2012 (

Other Fitness Related Certifications:
Current CPR & Standard First Aid – Renewed annually since Oct 2006
Can-Fit Pro: Personal Training Specialist – Aug 2007 (
Kettlebell Training Specialist: Level 1&2 – Nov 2008 (
Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology: Certified Personal Trainer – March 2010
Paul Gagne: Test It, Fix It – Applied Posturology – May 2012 (
Scientific Flexibility Training: PNF Stretching – May 2012
Thomas Myers: Anatomy Trains In Training – May 2013