Our Philosophy

At Fusion Health Studio we are committed to helping our clients reach their personal goals using an innovative scientific approach which places an emphasis on functionality and overall health.  We have systematically implemented our in-house three step approach which has been developed using the latest research in dietetics, human physiology, biomechanics and psychology enabling us to provide a global strategy when helping our clients attain their personal health and wellness goals. Fusion Health Studio currently has experts with diverse backgrounds ranging from functional medicine, exercise and nutritional science to connective tissue treatment and rehabilitation.  Our team of professionals clearly separates us from the pack and benefits our clients as we are capable of providing a comprehensive, personalized health plan that is truly unique and holistic while delivering unparalleled results.

Our System

  • We believe that in order to sort out the hype from reality it is important to show our clients that we have confident in our own abilities.  At Fusion Health Studio we offer a money back guarantee for every client with specific conditions applying. 
  • We are not in the business of being armchair philosophers but rather our lifestyles mirror what we teach in essence ‘we practice what we preach’
  • When it comes to sorting out the gems from the gravel and making changes in your body it is imperative that you listen and comply to your personalized plan.  We will build you a road map to success and will encourage you every step of the way but in the end it is the client that has to put in the hard work

How It All Started

Fusion Health Studio was founded on the belief that excellence and achievement do not occur by accident but rather is strategically planned through a thoughtful process.  The founder of Fusion Health Studio, Micheal Okumura envisioned establishing a health and wellness studio that would provide the highest level of personalized services available today so that he could provide his clients not the typical run of the mill services offered by other training studios.  The result was the development of Fusion Health Studio, arguably one of the most comprehensive personalized training studios around today that offers more specialized services to improve the overall health and wellness of its clients.

In order to be at the top of the mountain, we have made sure to continuously evolve with the times evident by Micheal’s quest in finding the best services currently available to clients and recruiting some of the industry’s best professionals who can be collectively called upon to advise any one of our clients on his/her particular needs.

Fusion Health Studio is clearly different from our competitors evident by the multitude of services, premium products offered, leading edge information offered on our website and facebook page provided on a routine basis, and expertise offered by our staff.  The facts are, we understand our clients’ many and varied needs, and will ensure you that we are capable of developing the best strategy to help you reach your goals. 

A Few Words from Founder – Micheal Okumura

I want to personally thank you for taking time to visit Fusion Health Studio.  If you are in the first stages of trying to find a personal trainer to reach your goals, let me start off by congratulating you.  Your body, mind and overall health are the biggest investments that you can make in yourself.  I have lived by the principle that our body and mind are our most precious assets and we have to take time out of our busy daily schedules to focus on ourselves for a change.  You have probably heard these statements over and over again and may think that this is just another website or training studio full of hot air, however I strongly believe that at Fusion Health Studio we offer something very special.

What Separates Us From the Pack

I have been personally involved in the strength and conditioning arena for 20 years and am the first to acknowledge that my knowledge of training, nutrition, and recovery strategies is continually evolving based on the latest scientific and empirical evidence available today.  I have invested a considerable amount of time every year to advance my own training by seeking the best in the business to mentor with in addition to travelling for courses that will continue to build on our proven methods.

We offer more than just weight training and nutrition…we offer a truly holistic approach to improving your health.  I would encourage you to browse through our website regularly as we are going to be offering articles related to health and fitness on a regular basis which will be full of tips to reach your goals, latest training methodologies, new breakthroughs in nutrition, etc.  Lastly, we have an online store that contains a pack full of medical grade supplements which you won’t find on the shelves of retailers.  I can personally guarantee to the quality and standards of all the products we carry and want to provide our clients essentially a turn key service for them to reach their goals to a healthier and more invigorated body.

Paving the Way to Excellence

I take our business very seriously and require that all our trainers meet the industry’s highest standards by requiring them to pursue post-secondary education, as I don’t have the time to hire ‘part-time’ personal trainers.  I am very selective as to who works in Fusion Health Studio so as to not compromise our integrity and high standards.  I can assure you that I do not take on self-appointed weight training experts.  If you are serious in making a commitment to improving your body and life then I strongly recommend giving us a call or coming to the Studio personally.

If you feel that you want to make an appointment, please contact us and we will do our best in helping you pursue your new journey into a healthier you.

Yours in Health,


Micheal Okumura